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North Texas Endoscopy Centers

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North Texas Endoscopy Centers are one of the few remaining independent endoscopy centers in North Texas. We are a Value Certified Provider (by Healthcare Bluebook) and we are dedicated to giving you a more personalized experience for your outpatient procedures at the best price.

Choosing North Texas Endoscopy Centers for your endoscopic procedure can save you an average of 40 percent on your bill. You have a choice when it comes to your medical care and cost.

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North Texas Endoscopy Centers are your trusted source for diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal procedures. With five convenient locations in the North Texas area, we are affiliated with the Digestive Health Associates of Texas and our physicians share expertise, talent and technology to promote the patient's positive outcome, comfort and quality of life.

Leaders in Digestive Health – Guided by Patient Care, Defined by Value

Insurance and Billing

All North Texas Endoscopy Centers accept most major insurances. As a courtesy to the patient, all centers will bill the patient’s insurance carrier; however, none of the North Texas Endoscopy Centers can tell a patient what their policy covers. Since insurance policies and coverage is between the patient and the carrier, North Texas Endoscopy Centers urges patients to contact their carrier prior to their procedure.

Please note that patients will be responsible for any co-pays and/or deductibles.


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